FM Module #6. Silence

Tune in into FM Einheit`s wild and complex cosmos:
His on-going compositorial work, his archive and thoughts and opinions of smart thinkers of our time.

Tonights guests are:
Andreas Ammer, Meret Becker, FM Einheit, Ulrike Haage, Alexander Hacke, Sebastian Hess, Marianne Hope, Jennifer Minetti, Heiner Muller, Mona Mur, Sophie Rois, Henning Schmidgen, James Blood Ulmer, Martin Wuttke, Siegfried Zielinski, David Link/Poetry machine.  

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Track list

1. the devil got to burn (James Blood Ulmer) from the radio drama lost & found: the paradise
G P-O: we can give you little informatio
2. Cage (Text: Henning Schmidgen Music: FM Einheit)

Poetry Machine: I have been as an Auxiliary

3. Ship Wreck voice Phil Minton (from the Radio Space Opera Odysseus7)
Heiner Muller: Liebeslied
4. Sirens Song (Ammer, Einheit, Haage from the Radio Space Opera Odysseus7). Voices: Meret Becker, Phil Minton, Jennifer Minetti
Poetry Machine: Her Image was just a figure after a time:
5. On the Duration of Apperception in Compound Visual Representations
6. ambient errors (Text: Henning Schmidgen Music: FM Einheit)
John Cage: about Silence 

Martin Wuttke: Ajax

7. The Roaring Silence (Text: Poetry machine Music: FM Einheit)
Heiner Muller: Mir war als ob der wind sogar still stande, dann wurde er zum Sturm in meinem Kopf
8. Hallucinations (Text: Henning Schmidgen Music: FM Einheit)
Heiner Muller: und mit geschlossenen Lippen sagte ich:
9. Stille Mona Mur
Poetry Machine: I try to sit up and think to say that’s it. And on the image radar she appears and indicates
10. Swinging In Swinging Out (Text: Siegfried Zielinski Musik: FM Einheit)

Antonen Artois: Pour en finir avec le judgement de dieu
                      …kre kre pek kre e pte Il faut que tout soit range
                         a un poil pres dans un ordre fulminant
                         puc te puk te li le pek ti le kruk….(Antoin Artaud)

11. The Body Without Organs (Text: Henning Schmidgen Music: FM Einheit)

Poetry Machine: if it`s love or spring I`ll shine up the system, probably light up a few too many! Leaving
12. Europa Center (Text: Heiner Muller Musik: Alexander Hacke) from the radio drama Ajax z.B.
Teodor Currentzis: Silence




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